Published: Feb 4, 2013
Raven's confetti snow angel [VIDEO] Chykie Brown's celebration
by staff

Raven's confetti snow angel [VIDEO] Chykie Brown's celebration, Super Bowl XLVII ended with the Baltimore Ravens as the 2012 season champions, defeating the San Francisco 49ers.

At the end of the game, one very excited Raven's confetti snow angel offered the world yet another awesome viral video.

Check out the Raven's confetti snow angel below. It might be brief, but it is definitely worth the look.

Obviously, the player is happy. He is so elated that he has reverted to a child-like making of a snow angel in the confetti strewn on the ground, at the New Orleans Superdome.

The player's name is Chykie Brown and he is a defensive back for Baltimore, and he will for ever be remembered as the dude who had the most kidlike and fantastic reaction to winning the championship.


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