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Published: Apr 9, 2014
Ultimate Warrior Cause Of Death; What Killed James Hellwig Revealed?
by Toshiba Reynolds

UPDATE: The Ultimate Warrior's cause of death according to the Maricopa county ME: Cardiovascular disease.

It was mere hours really since his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame and triumphant return to the company after an 18-year breakup. Yet, there is no official word on cause of death.

We can surely speculate. Wrestlers who have died early have sometimes been found to have been addicted to drugs (mainly cocaine) or alcohol. Steroid use is another reason why these ironmen die young. A heart attack or aneurysm among athletes is also not uncommon.

In 2008, Shari Tyree, a.k.a The Ultimate Warrior’s ex-wife, was trying to sell the book rights of her memoir.
Thanks to, they had the pitch for her book that we were able to pull a few things off of.

She talks about his steroid abuse ... She talks about his abuse of pain medication, anti-anxiety drugs  (We've heard that before) and his double life that messed up his marriage. The INTERESTING part is that she talks about how that double life makes her doubt his fidelity and even sexuality.

according to TMZ, Warrior collapsed at 5:50 PM while walking to his car with his wife in Arizona outside of their hotel. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

When we get the official word I will update this story.

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