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Published: Jul 2, 2014
Teenage hunter Kendall Jones under fire for posing with dead animals on Facebook [PHOTOS\VIDEO]
by staff

Teenage hunter [PHOTOS\VIDEO] Kendall Jones under fire for posing with dead animals on Facebook, Most cheerleaders are "girlie" for lack of a better descriptor. They are the ones in school who look good, care about their appearance and would be the least likely to ever touch a dead animal.

Unless, you are Texas Tech cheerleader Kendall Jones. She is a sexy big game hunter — tracking down Lions, cheetahs, elephants and rhinos, killing them, and posting photos of her hawt-self smiling next to their bodies.

Jones, who claims she is doing [her] part in conservation to make a difference. "Hunters are the biggest conservationists there are," Jones tells the New York Daily News. "We want animal populations to grow and thrive!"

The Texas Tech hottie is now the subject of at least two petitions, one of which has 100,000 signatures and calls for her page to be removed from Facebook.

Jones' critics have variously described Kendall as "sick" and "depraved" for killing the animals and boasting about it online.

Ted Nugent is smiling with a big grin somewhere.

Not everyone is offended, however. Her Facebook page has over 17,000 "likes" and frequently draws positive comments. In January she signed a development deal for a series on the Sportsman Channel, which is easily the most heavily armed network in the US. Due in early 2015, it will be produced by the Texan known as Pig Man.

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