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Published: Oct 7, 2014
Jaguars mascot Ebola sign flap [PHOTO]; Jaxon de Ville zings Steelers with health warning
by Tashi Singh

Jaguars mascot Ebola sign flap [PHOTO]; Jaxon de Ville zings Steelers with health warning, Ebola humor has spilled over into the NFL and, really, its not as bad as mainstream media is making it out to be. It's ok when "Saturday Night Live" tackles the topic of the health crisis, but god forbid it finds its way into sports rivalries.

Witness Jaxon de Ville, the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot who wisecracked about the Pittsburgh Steelers and their fans "terrible towels during the teams" game Sunday. I for one found it kinda funny. Now, is the Ebola crisis funny?, absolutely not. However, lighten up Francis!

The Jaguars declined to comment on the incident Sunday, only identifying the man who has worn the costume for 18 years, Curtis Dvorak.

Ebola is a virus that spreads through direct contact. Many people are mistaken in that it can spread through the air. Not correct. You have to come in direct contact with someone who has Ebola to be infected.

So, in some sense, the towel sign actually makes sense.

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