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Published: Nov 3, 2014
Texas sized NASCAR Brawl [VIDEO] between Jeff Gordon and "Dipsh*t" Brad Keselowski
by Tashi Singh

Texas sized NASCAR Brawl [VIDEO] between Jeff Gordon and "Dipsh*t" Brad Keselowski, Brad Keselowski once again finds himself at the center of a NASCAR brawl as his crew traded punches with Jeff Gordon's at Texas Motor Speedway.

Sunday's AAA Texas 500 was moving along at a record pace. It could have easily been called uneventful.
It certainly didn’t end that way.

First Jimmie Johnson took the checkered flag, then the main event began at Texas Motor Speedway.

In the final laps, after a track-record 13 cautions, Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski made contact on the track which knocked Gordon out of contention for the win.

And once the race concluded, the two drivers sparked an all-out brawl on pit road.

There were more punches thrown by crew members – some by teams not even connected to the drivers involved – than by drivers but both Gordon and Keselowski were left bloodied in the aftermath.

Gordon later called Keselowski a "dipshit" on ESPN, which was a very Jeff Gordon thing for him to say.

"He's just a dip---. The way he races, I don't know how he ever won a championship and I'm just sick and tired of it," Gordon said of Keselowski's actions on the race track.

"The kid is doing stuff way over his head. That stuff is uncalled for. You are racing for a win and a championship. You don't go slamming someone and cut their left-rear tire. If that's what it takes, no problem, I can do the same thing to him."

Next week at Phoenix should prove equally entertaining.

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