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Published: Nov 14, 2014
Brandon Marshall offers internet Twitter troll $25K to fight [VIDEO]
by Toshiba Reynolds

Brandon Marshall offers internet Twitter troll $25K to fight [VIDEO], It's been a rough season for Chicago, especially wideout Brandon Marshall.

The 3-6 Bears are getting regularly embarrassed on the field, while the top flight pass catcher for the Bears is suffering through a sub-par, injury-marred season, one that’s also seen him call out quarterback Jay Cutler.
A few days ago, Anthony Kalla, a 24-year-old Lions fan from Michigan, called out Marshall and even aimed some disparaging comments at his mother -- on social media.

There was a time when people had to be face to face to start a fight. Now all that is needed is an account on Instagram or Twitter.

The exchange began with Twitter user and apparent Lions fan @AnthonyGKalla posted a pic of comments he had made on Marshall's Instagram account, based on the receiver's 2013 comment that Detroit was Chicago's "little brother." Kalla's commented "Remember when you called Detroit the little brother? Haha," "WELL LOOK WHOS AT THE BOTTOM NOW YOU BITCH!!" and "Btw your mom is still a whore."

On Thursday, Marshall responded and offered $5,000 to "get in a ring with me."

After some back and forth, the 6-foot-4, 230-pound Marshall eventually upped the ante to $20,000 if Kalla won.

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