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Published: Dec 17, 2014
Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson Tweets Generous Tip On Incorrectly Added Bill [PHOTO]
by Toshiba Reynolds

Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson Tweets Generous Tip On Incorrectly Added Bill [PHOTO], Former Bengals star and current Montreal Alouette Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson became a gentille Alouette* on Sunday. He ran up a bill for $351.92 and left a fairly large tip because "Sundays are slow," so "this should help."

Giving himself a huge pat on the back, the six-time Pro Bowl selection in his 11-year NFL career attempted to dish out some wise words along with the cash, 'The tip is in the message not the money...' he posted to Twitter.

Bizarrely, he also wrote 'I LOVE YOU!!!' at the bottom of the check.

His generous gift was well received on Twitter although a number mocked him for his poor math skills. You see, 85 racked up a bill for $351.92 and left a tip of another $300.92 making the bill total $652.84.

Yet, distracted by his own altruistic deed perhaps, Johnson incorrectly added the total up as $651.92.

Some believe Johnson is desperate to make a return to the NFL and is doing whatever he can to draw attention. Regardless... The server is a fan forever.

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