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Published: Jan 9, 2015
Greatest Alley Oop? Chief Sealth H.S. Hafid Yassin's epic dunk [PHOTO\VIDEO]
by Toshiba Reynolds

Greatest Alley Oop? Chief Sealth H.S. Hafid Yassin's epic dunk [PHOTO\VIDEO], The following dunk by the Chief Sealth High School Seahawks' Hafid Yassin will probably go down as one of the greatest in-game dunks ever--at any level.

In terms of sheer elevation, it might be the most impressive slam dunk ever by a high school player.
How much elevation did he get? Even his chin went above the rim. The defender might have played a part in helping the dunker get so high, as it appears Yassin used the opponent's shoulder to get even higher.

Unfortunately for the Seahawks, the dunk was only worth two points. They required a lot more. Garfield cruised to a 96-55 win.

While the Chief Sealth Seahawks lost Tuesday's game to Garfield High School Bulldogs, Yassin’s dunk was hardly forgotten and even got mentioned by 120 Sports, and Yahoo Sports.

A different angle video.

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