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Published: Mar 18, 2016
OUCH! Girl Takes Puck To Face Then Snaps Selfie At Hockey Game
by Maria Gomez

In a very unusual moment during Thursday's Pittsburgh Penguins game, a UPI photographer and a fan in the stands managed to capture a woman taking a bloody selfie after being struck in the face by a hockey puck.

Naturaly the first thing she thought of was to take a selfie.
<small>Photo by Archie Carpenter/UPI/big_bill66</small>
Photo by Archie Carpenter/UPI/big_bill66
In the first photo, posted to Instagram by user @big_bill66, a woman at Thursday night's game against the Carolina Hurricanes can be seen holding a bunch of towels on her bruised and bloodied forehead with one hand and snapping a selfie with her other.

"Girl takes puck to the face. She yells 'Did I really just get hit with a puck?' Second 'WAIT! I NEED A SELFIE!'" the Instagram user wrote. If the uploader's hashtags were any indicator, there seemed to be "blood everywhere" following the unfortunate beaning.

The UPI photog also snapped a second photo of the selfie scene from the other side of the rink.

Oh and the Hurricanes beat the Penguins 4-2

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