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Published: Oct 20, 2012
Helen Hunt naked sessions [VIDEO]
by Tashi Singh

Helen Hunt naked sessions [VIDEO]. It doesn't take long before Helen Hunt strips off her clothes in The Sessions. There she stands. Totally, completely, undeniably nude.

Hunt stars in the '80s-set indie comedy as a sex surrogate, which is a specially licensed therapist that helps patients get over sexual fears by the most direct method possible: having sex with them.

In the film, she plays a real-life surrogate named Cheryl Cohen Greene, who helped polio-stricken journalist Mark O'Brien (played by John Hawkes) in his late-30s quest to lose his virginity despite his near-total residency in an iron lung.

"Both director Ben Lewin and I felt I should get naked right away," Hunt explains. "Now that we're in there, there's no going back. It's going to be an intimate film."

As for her reasons for doing such a role, the very fit 49-year-old actress at first says, "The script was great, and it was beautiful. It came to me, and I read it, and somewhere along my periphery, I thought, 'Oh, that (nudity) will be there.' But it wasn't the first thing. If I had slowed down to dwell on that, maybe I would have had second thoughts. But I just said yes right away."

Then she adds, "I had this feeling, it's getting late. What the (expletive)? Let's just do it."

The scenes in bed with Hawkes, as she introduces him to sexual intimacy for the first time, are in turns awkward, tender, excruciating and hilarious; he can feel his body but cannot move any muscle below the neck, making positioning and stamina major issues.

"Sex is never perfectly elegant: The light isn’t just right, and the underwear doesn’t fall on the floor perfectly, and the hands don’t clutch, and you don’t come at the same time -- it’s all bullshit, basically," she said with a laugh. "And the disability of this character renders all of that impossible, so you’re left with something much more like your own experience as a nondisabled person, which is that you’re human and that it’s good and it’s bad and it’s weird that it’s silly, and it’s embarrassing that it’s scary, so I think that the disability is just a way to get to what it’s actually like."

In order to accurately depict having intercourse with a disabled man Helen has viewed the 1978 film Coming Home to get some inspiration. In this movie Jon Voight was an injured veteran who had sexual relations with with Jane Fonda’s persona.

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