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Published: Jun 4, 2010
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Woman Who Can't Stop Growing (PHOTO & VIDEO) News Of Growth Hormone
by Toshiba Reynolds

A woman who can't stop growing because of a rare form of gigantism may finally be cured.

An MRI scan revealed a tumour in Tanya Angus' brain the size of an orange that was causing the overproduction of growth hormone.

The condition known as agromeglia makes her body to produce too much growth hormone and caused her to gain weight and grow unusually tall.

Before the 31-year-old Angus developed the hormonal disorder, she had lived like a normal teen. But by her 20th birthday, she was well over 6-feet tall, and had size 12 feet.

Tanya will undergo brain surgery on June 17, according to her blog. She said the breakthrough "is a comfort."

Comment and see the videos and many larger photos linked here.


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