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Published: Feb 16, 2016
SEE IT! Fetus Trains For UFC While Still In Womb By Punching Self In Face
by Maria Gomez

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS: Little Edward James Watson could be the next great UFC champ with an iron jaw. He'll just need to be born first.

A couple from Wichita, Kansas shared this unusual ultrasound footage of their unborn son punching himself in the face while in the womb.
Vanessa and Dave Watson were at the doctor's office Feb. 8 when they say they watched the 5-1/2-month fetus, Edward James "EJ" Watson, striking himself in the face so violently that he was knocked backward.

"I wanted to ask him, 'Why are you knocking yourself, boy?'" Vanessa Watson tells the Wichita Eagle. "The nurse doing the ultrasound said that in 20 years she's never seen anything like that."

After doctors made sure that baby EJ was fine, his father Dave posted the video online where it has racked up over 100,000 hits.

Vanessa Watson says the funny incident has led them to ponder what EJ's personality will be like.

"We love ultimate fighting. So we were just talking about that, maybe he's going to be some fighter or some boxing guy," she told KAKE-TV.

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