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Published: Feb 22, 2016
WATCH! Mo. Firenado vs Firefall In Yosemite: Which Is More Amazing?
by Toshiba Reynolds

Which is the more amazing? Firenado or Firefall? Firefighters battling a massive wildfire in Missouri captured video of a "firenado" blowing flames into the sky while visitors to Yosemite National Park's Horsetail Falls captured photos of a stunning yearly phenomenon known as the "firefall."

The Southern Platte Fire Protection District was one of several agencies doing battle Thursday with a wildfire just north of Kansas City and posted a video to Facebook showing the firenado, also known as a fire tornado or fire whirl, spinning flames high into the sky.
"Oh, that's freakin' awesome," a firefighter can be heard saying in the video.

Speaking of awesome -- back at Yosemite -- the illusion, nicknamed "firefall" because it makes the waterfall appear to be flowing fire, happens each year at the park when the angle of the sunset reflects off the water.

"Horsetail Falls is famous for appearing to be on fire when it reflects the orange glow of sunset in mid- to late-February. It falls off of the east side of El Capitan and is best seen from just east of El Capitan," Yosemite National Park's website states.

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