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Published: Mar 3, 2016
Unaware Of Vibrators In The Background; Girl Sends Selfie To Family
by Maria Gomez

SEE IT! A girl accidentally sends a selfie photograph with multiple vibrators to her family, and her sister just makes it even worse. All she wanted to do was show off her hair. Whoops.

Apparently women are having trouble of late concealing their kinky sides. Earlier in the week we published a story about how a woman's dildo stash was hilariously revealed to friends helping her move thanks to her memory foam mattress.

Today we stumbled upon Imgur user Ohfudgemocha's post about her sister's recent selfie fail. Ohfudgemocha's sister sent a photo of herself to her two siblings and mother, but then realizes in horror that she should have made sure the background of the selfie was 'safe' first, because there were two vibrators on display.

Ohfudgemocha's sister looked to her siblings for assistance. And, of course, ohfudgemocha determined the best course of action was to share it all with the Internet.

Entrusting the wrong sibling out of fear revealed the existence of the vibrators to a much larger audience. The vibrators are in plain sight but far enough from the center of the photo that mom likely would not have even noticed them if everyone kept their mouths shut.

Below is the exchange.


SEE IT! Memory Foam Mattress Reveals Vibrator Stash To Woman's Friends

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