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Published: Mar 15, 2016
Watch: Escaped Bull Chases Player After Invading Youth Soccer Field
by Toshiba Reynolds

One kid will have quite the Bull story to tell at school. A junior soccer match in Australia ground to a halt when a young bull charged onto the pitch, terrorizing players and spectators. Incredibly, no one was hurt.

The rogue bull apparently came from a paddock adjacent to the field and focused in on one unlucky player who ran faster than he ever has before.
Ryan Devenish, a spectator watching the game at Federation Park in Maryborough, Queensland, posted video to Facebook and YouTube of the bull interrupting Saturday's game.

The video shows the steer on the lam emerging from the trees and running after a player for a short time before fleeing back into the wooded area.

"The bull had escaped from a paddock next to the field and couldn't find its way back in," Devenish wrote in the video's description on YouTube. "It got bored and decided to attack some players."

The game continued after the bull left.

"I'm sure [the players] would have been looking over their shoulder," Devenish told the Australian Bradcasting Corp. "I'm pretty positive the ref wouldn't have pulled out his red card after that."

The ultimate fate of the bull is not clear.

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