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Published: Apr 17, 2014
Man charged [PHOTO\VIDEO] in Heartbleed attack
by staff

Man charged [PHOTO\VIDEO] in Heartbleed attack, Canadian police have arrested 19-year-old Stephen Solis-Reyes and charged him in connection with exploiting the "Heartbleed" bug to steal taxpayer data from a government website, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said on Wednesday.

The Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL means that any website with HTTPS encryption is vulnerable to attack. The bug was simultaneously discovered by Neel Mehta of Google Security and a team of security engineers at Codenomicon. 

The security researchers who discovered the bug have also created a website with more information about Heartbleed and the security vulnerability on websites affected.

Solis-Reyes was arrested at his home in London, Ontario on Wednesday and faces criminal charges of unauthorized use of computer and mischief in relation to data.

"It is believed that Solis-Reyes was able to extract private information held by CRA by exploiting the vulnerability known as the Heartbleed bug," the RCMP said in a statement.

Police seized Solis-Reyes computer equipment and scheduled his court appearance for July 17, 2014.

More info and a look at which companies have issued a security patch to fix the Heartbleed encryption bug can be found here.

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