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Published: Apr 1, 2014
The #BuzzFeed #Quiz ignites the Interwebs; Quizmania sharing on Facebook
by Anne Warren

#BuzzFeed is highly regarded on the Interwebs as Most Innovative Company for the way they understand the way we share.

Enter the new quiz fad on Facebook. Taken one? Then you've probably taken three or four and then shared the results on Facebook.

“We find that when people take one quiz, they want to take more,” said Melissa Rosenthal, director of creative services at BuzzFeed. “People love to share things that kind of represent who they are and say something about who they are.”

Quizzes have exploded online. It all seems to have started when Buzzfeed editors realised a quiz called "Which 'Grease' Pink Lady are you?" was one of their most-viewed posts in 2013.

The most successful quizzes, then, are the things we can't help but share: Which Decade Do You Actually Belong In? and What Kind of Dog Are You? have each pushed past the 8 million pageview mark; What Career Should You Actually Have? has crested 13 million. What City Should You Actually Live In? has earned 20 millions clicks; Which State Do You Actually Belong In has nearly 40 million total views.

Starting today, we will bring you the quizzes that are trending. So, How lazy are you?

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